The Group actively supports the programs at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy such as the animal orphanage, conservation education and the breeding of the critically endangered Mountain Bongo antelope. The funds donated go towards the animal feeds, supplies, veterinary expenses, animal care, orphanage upkeep and animal caretakers.

In 2018, Dalbit Petroleum sponsored Tinga Tales – The Musical, an edu-tainment initiative, as part of its organizational strategy to support the work at Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and serve as a vehicle to raise awareness on the plight of the critically endangered Mountain Bongo.

In 2019 and 2020, the Group sponsored the launch of the National Mountain Bongo Recovery and Action Plan 2019 – 2023 and the launch of the Mawingu Mountain Bongo Sanctuary respectively. This was done in partnership with key government agencies and stakeholders such as, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, among others, with the aim of conserving the critically endangered species. These initiatives will enable the rewilding of the animals and provide the National Bongo Task Force with individuals for reintroduction into indigenous habitats such as Ragati, Eburu, Mau and Aberdares forests with the aim to achieve a sustainable population.

The Mountain Bongo is a species whose natural habitat also happens to consist of water towers that nourish our rivers, farms, and homes. Therefore, conserving them is significant not only for the species itself, but also for our communities who will enjoy the added ecological benefits provided by healthier and sustainable habitats and ecosystems.

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