Dalbit has been sponsoring needy students through Palm House Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya since 2007. We have so far sponsored a total of 10 students in various schools across the country. Palm House Foundation plays a significant role of conducting a nationwide selection of needy and deserving students. The foundations strategy is to have sufficient financial resources to finance a student through four years of secondary education. They also aim to mentor the students through their secondary education and later in life to produce successful citizens.

DILSS, the Dalbit Licensee in South Sudan also funded the construction of Bishop Ceaser Mazzolari’s Nursery in Rumbek. It was the only kindergarten in Rumbek town that had only two classrooms and small shared pit latrine. The project was carried out in two phases. In 2014, we constructed two concrete blocks of four (4) classrooms along with one block of two (2) classrooms and abolition block petitioned into two(s) for both boys and girls. In 2018, phase2 was initiated. One big L-Block with six (6) classrooms was constructed, plus finishing of two (2) other classrooms that were constructed with mud blocks by parents. We also purchased and constructed a water tank tower and elevated the borehole.

This initiative was to address the need to advance water sanitation, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities in Lakes State where Dalbit sold the first litter of JetA-1.