Our Operations


For our Zambian market, we have a well-organized supply chain sourcing our products through the ports of Beira in Mozambique and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The imported products are offloaded at the government depots in Lusaka, Ndola and Mpika. Our efficiency and adherence to highest standards of safety and integrity ensures that we deliver our products timely and safely.


We have accrued the best qualifications in the industry and maintain the highest international standards in all our fleet management. We take utmost care of our product delivery to ensure it is highly secure and timely. We supply our products through both our fleet and reliable subcontracted trucks. The trucks are equipped and modified to traverse challenging terrain, to reach wherever you need your fuel, whenever you need it.


A great part of our total energy solution involves assisting our clients design and build the best storage facilities. This enhances fuel efficiency and safety. We also train our clients on their operations giving them a strategic edge.


Dalbit Petroleum Ltd as an oil and gas operating company, is committed to conducting all petroleum operations in a manner that protects the Group’s employees and contractors personnel from injuries, fatalities and illnesses, as well as having regard to the health and safety of the general public, and protecting equipment and assets in its concessions and operational sites to achieve harmony with the environment and local communities.

The company ensures compliance to all applicable health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) laws, regulations, international industry standards and other related internal and external requirements.

We also apply a systematic approach to HSSE management to achieve continual HSSE performance improvement including setting "SMART" HSSE objectives and performing regular audits and reviews.

Dalbit regularly conducts education, training and inter-office awareness activities in order to make staff conscious of their roles and responsibilities regarding HSSE activities.


Dalbit Petroleum is committed to developing formal systems andprocedures throughout the company to identify potential impacts that may beassociated with each petroleum operations and to contain and control any matters tothe most practical extent. The Company aims to prevent or reduce discharges,emissions and wastes capable of adversely affecting the living and workingenvironment. The Company conducts environmental impact assessments and audits(including risk assessment, risk mitigation, and contingency planning) on aroutine basis in its operations to ensure compliance with regulations in force.





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